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What if solar panels could display the colours of sunlight rather than being merely dark blue or black? The American company Prism Solar produces innovative solar panels with integrated strips of holographic film that create beautiful rainbow effects. But the holographic film doesn't simply add aesthetic value to the solar panels: it effectively acts as a planar concentrator, diffracting the light and partly guiding it to the cells. As a result, these colourful solar panels are more efficient than conventional modules, also because the solar cells are bifacial and therefore convert to electricity a greater portion of ambient light. This makes the glass-on-glass solar panels by Prism Solar particularly suitable for façades, dividers, fencing and canopy systems where light reflected by other architectural surfaces is more likely to hit the back of the solar modules. Prism's solar panels also feature a neat, frameless design, eliminating the need for frame grounding.

Holographic solar panel by Prism Solar

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