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Solar Shimmer

A kinetic, light-emitting screen powered by the sun

Inspired by motifs recurring in Bedouin textiles, Solar Shimmer is a kinetic screen that displays a vibrant, geometric pattern created with solar energy and discarded plastics. The physical ‘pixels’ forming the pattern consist of colourful solar-powered lanterns made with reused plastic bottles, juxtaposed with repurposed CDs and DVDs that shimmer in the wind. While dynamically reflecting sunlight during the day, the artwork glows at night in a completely self-sufficient way and changes visually depending on the distance it is viewed from. The audience is actively engaged in the creation of the artwork by personalising its ‘pixels’ during educational workshops.


Collaboratively created by Eleonora Nicoletti and Anthony Castronovo, the artwork was exhibited at the Fire Station Artist in Residence in Doha during November 2017, as part of the Solar Art Festival which was presented by Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec) in collaboration with Qatar Museums

After its success in Doha, Solar Shimmer was featured at MAB18 (Media Architecture Biennale). It was also shown at the 2019 International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium in Florida to display different visual content. 

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